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Low ESR Capacitors (470uF 35V) - 4pcs

Low ESR Capacitors (470uF 35V) - 4pcs - CJ5FPV

Low ESR Capacitors (470uF 35V) - 4pcs

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Add one of these to your PDB to remove video breakup caused by high current spikes and drops coming from your ESCs. Longer lead is positive and the shorter is negative.


  • 4x Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors 470uF 35V


  • Type: Radial Lead
  • Maximum Temperature: 105°C
  • Withstand Voltage: 35V
  • Capacitance: 470uF
  • Size: 10 x 17mm x 0.67"
  • Lead Spacing: 4.5mm
  • Lead Length: 26mm (POS) and 21mm (NEG)
  • Dielectric Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Weight: 1.95g each