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CJ5 Force 210X True-X Frame Kit

CJ5 Force 210X True-X Frame Kit

$ 55.0
* This product has reached its end of life and is discontinued.

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The Force 210x quadcopter is a symmetrical true-x frame that is extremely durable and fast! It is the perfect high performance FPV freestyle frame and does amazing job in races as well. It features a 4mm carbon fiber bottom plate and is built for 5" propellers.

The 3D printed FPV camera guard allows for 15 to 45 degrees of camera tilt and has a lens barrel opening of 18mm for larger 2.1mm lenses. It slides over and mounts securely around the front two standoffs.

The 3D printed GoPro Session mount attaches to the top of the frame and also dampens vibrations that are sometime present in your video footage.


Suggested Parts

LIFETIME WARRANTY: If (for any reason) you break a carbon fiber frame piece, simply send us a picture and we will replace it free of charge.